January 21–March 26, 2006

Holiday Home (UN Studio, Amsterdam); Visual Media: Imaginary Forces (NY/LA)

Holiday, 2006

The Holiday Home is an experiential installation exploring and quantifying areas in which the holiday home departs from modern design conventions. The orthogonal surfaces of the archetypal house are extruded and skewed, creating the sculptural armature within which the dichotomies of home and holiday home are played out. The new architectural shape emulates escapism, the expectation of a holiday as removed from the everyday experiential routine. The interplay of what is real and what is virtual transpires on a number of levels touching on ideas of collective memory and phenomenological perceptions.

The unadorned construction allows attention to be directed towards the spatial configurations of the structure. Visitor movement through the installation activates unexpected views and the multidirectional shadows that are cast create unpredictable perspectives as they fall onto faceted surfaces. The perception of time is intrinsically interwoven into the project as light conditions subtly modulate, referencing different atmospheric qualities; the sense of season and time of day become more abstract as one might find on holiday, where time has a different rhythm, unbound by the frameworks of contemporary patterns of living and dwelling.

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