Art Council

Art Council—$2,500

For those who want to delve a little deeper, membership in ICA’s Art Council gains you entrance into the private world of the artist’s studio, plus all the benefits listed in Leadership Circle. Let’s figure out what all the fuss is about behind and beyond that wall of sharks in formaldehyde.

Support: Marjorie and Michael Levine

“The access to artists’ studios and programs, which is something that would have been difficult to arrange on our own, has been amazing. Picking the brains of the curatorial staff regarding some of the more conceptual artists has really helped us in formulating our collection. What keeps us coming back are the friends and acquaintances we have made in the program. We have found the Donor Club members to be incredibly warm and inclusive, even at our first event. Since every program has a social component, you get a chance to discuss the art and meet people who have interests similar to your own. We have met some of our closest friends at ICA events.”

—Marjorie (C’80) and Michael Levine


Jeffrey Bussmann
(215) 573-0217

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