April 3, 2012

Stefan Sagmeister's Happy Show in The New York Times

Sagmeister NYT

Randy Kennedy of The New York Times ponders the complexity of happiness in response to Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show:

“Happiness is not a problem that Mr. Sagmeister has struggled with much personally. On a scale of 1 to 10, he rates himself a provisional 8. But in 2008, during a yearlong sabbatical in Indonesia that he chose to devote mostly to making furniture, he received some blunt feedback from a close friend. ‘He said if I was taking a whole year off, and at the end of it I had only some tables and chairs to show, then it would be pretty skimpy, wouldn’t it?’ Mr. Sagmeister said. 'And that somehow seemed true, even though I didn’t want to hear it.’

So he started to work instead on an ambitious, unusual feature-length documentary, 'The Happy Film,’ a kind of delivery vehicle for several years of thinking and reading about the nature of happiness.”

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