April 26, 2015, 2pm

Coffee & Conversation: Ghosts of Modernism

Barbara Kasten, *Axis*, installation view (2015)

Enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee and join Penn History of Art PhD and PennDesign MFA candidates for an intimate conversation inspired by the ICA exhibitions on view.

Keenan Bennett leads a conversation that considers the “ghosts of modernism” within the work of artist Barbara Kasten. Prompted by the ICA exhibition Barbara Kasten: Stages, the conversation will consider how the aesthetics of early 20th century avant-gardes, such as Constructivism and the Bauhaus, resurface and are repurposed in Kasten’s works. We will discuss the role of artistic influence and ask what does it mean to revisit these forms today? What can we learn from Kasten’s employment of modernist motifs?

Keenan Bennett, PennDesign MFA lecturer (2015)

Keenan Bennett is a first year MFA candidate in Integrated Practices at the University of Pennsylvania. Bennett is a visual and performance artist working primarily in sculpture, installation, photography, video, and participatory situations. Bennett’s work has been included in numerous group shows and he has coordinated public participatory performances in major cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

Coffee & ConversationBarbara Kasten: Stages

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