April 18, 5:30pm

Queer Materiality and Ways of Becoming: Public Tour with Adrienne Hall

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2x4s, bandanas, belt buckles, hardware, latex, upholstery, bags of soil, poster board, dollar store trinkets – these are just some of the materials used by artists in the exhibition Tag: Proposals on Queer Play and the Ways Forward. Materials that point to queer histories of flagging, fetish wear, and other visual markers are situated beside utilitarian materials for building, furniture, and decoration. This tour will examine how artists in the exhibition use found and raw everyday materials in unconventional ways that involve both the collapse and expansion of the materials’ intended uses – through their transformation, the banal becomes the queer.

This type of transformation might be similar to another type of ‘becoming’ at the core of the exhibition – the formation of queer identities through play. Materials such as clothing, costumes, and other prosthetics of the self are adopted by the body as both an assertion of present identities and as a way to push forward into new ways of being. How do interactions with material – whether explicitly expressive such as clothing, or as seemingly banal as a 2x4 – provide opportunities for a becoming of the self?

This tour will last about 60 minutes and is free and open to the public; register here.

ADRIENNE HALL is an MFA candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Interested in the symbols and histories embedded in the body and cultural objects, Hall works through sculpture, installation, and time-based media to investigate acts of passing between different visible identities in different spaces. Hall’s current work borrows from theatrical and militaristic strategies for the manipulation of visibility and display to pose questions of ambiguity between the body and the inanimate object. Hall holds a BLA in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph and has exhibited works in Toronto and Philadelphia.

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