April 22, 2PM

Games and Tag: Public Tour with Jeffrey Katzin

Jeffrey Katzin

The 2014–15 online harassment campaign known as Gamergate met increasing cultural diversity and social commentary in video games with accusations of bias and threats of violence. As Tag curator Nayland Blake has noted, it also foreshadowed some of the most hostile tactics associated with the alt-right during and after the 2016 U.S. presidential election—attacks on women, anonymous online intimidation, misinformation, and others. Why did video games become an early flashpoint in America’s present cultural conflicts? And, more positively, what can games offer to those seeking new possibilities for politics and identity?

In this tour, participants will consider these and other questions together, while also gaining a broad familiarity with Tag: Proposals on Queer Play and the Ways Forward at ICA. Special attention will be paid to the exhibition’s playable works by Robert Yang and Nica Ross, which both reference and evocatively break from the forms of more traditional games.

This tour is free and open to all; register here.

JEFFREY KATZIN is a PhD candidate in the History of Art Department at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is writing a dissertation on the history and potential of abstract photography. He is particularly concerned with abstract art and its capacities to convey political, philosophical, and personal meaning. His research interests also range into painting, film, video, and video games. Katzin is also a member of the Incubation Series, which brings together students in Penn’s History of Art and Fine Art departments to present collaborative exhibitions, and is sponsored by the Penn Provost’s Interdisciplinary Arts Fund in partnership with the ICA.

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