Annual Fund

ICA is a place of wellness for mind, body, and soul.

It’s a place for students to find respite from academic and social pressures, exams, job offers, and “right answers.”

ICA is always free. Anyone can enter and slow down, rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. It’s a place where anybody can unwind with a cup of coffee from our new Elixr pop-up coffee bar, or re-center oneself while gazing at something beautiful during a mindfulness session.

As a graduate of Penn’s School of Nursing, I have long felt that wellness encompassed not just physical well-being, but also emotional wellness. Art allows for creativity, emotional expression, and an outlet for thoughts and feelings that are best articulated through an art form. To me, health and art are inextricably entwined…Art is a lifesaver.
—Andrea B. Laporte, NU69


At ICA, art has the power to inspire and heal. It’s where emerging or overlooked artists experiment with new materials and make unexpected discoveries and connections. It’s where innovative curators stretch a person’s thinking and challenges him, her, or them to see something from a different perspective. Free public programs provide opportunities for visitors to process what they see and feel through creative expression and open dialogue.

Give to ICA’s Annual Fund today, and help ICA remain an inspiring and healing space for everybody.

ICA will continue to be a place of renewal and wellness with your support. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at ICA soon.

With sincere gratitude,

Amy Sadao
Daniel W. Dietrich, II Director

P.S. Please give to ICA’s Annual Fund by December 31st, and your gift will enable ICA to provide a free and vital service to its community and, indeed, the world.

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