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ICA believes in the power of art and artists to inform and inspire. ICA is free for all to engage and connect with the art of our time.

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The emerging and under-represented artists in this group show present content that questions mainstream representations of current racial and political issues. Speech/Acts follows artists who open up versions of blackness through the freedom found in experimental poetry. In this way, ICA invites visitors to reimagine and expand their understanding of racial constructions from a Black American perspective.

Kameelah Janan Rasheed_And Black?

Give to ICA’s Annual Fund so ICA can continue to exhibit artists who are unafraid to create work that challenges people to see things from a different perspective.

Speech/Acts also purposefully creates a dynamic learning space where Penn students and the general public can engage in dialogue and grapple with the issues presented in the exhibition. By integrating a classroom into the gallery, organizing a reading group and curator-led tours, hosting panel discussions, and publishing a catalogue, ICA seeks to provide opportunities for listening and learning. Exhibitions like Speech/Acts encourage all visitors to reflect on their own experiences while building empathy for others.

Speech/Acts tour

Your annual fund gift enables ICA to engage with all audiences and connect them with the art of our time through provocative and relevant exhibitions.

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