Long Term Funding Priorities

Karen Kilimnik

As ICA moves beyond its first 50 years, we welcome aspirational, visionary gifts with the ability to build for the future.

The three giving opportunities listed here are designed to help guide potential donors to consider how multi-year gifts might be directed. Please contact Director of Development, Samantha Gibb, at (215) 573-1045 or samroff@ica.upenn.edu for more information.

Unrestricted Annual Support

Pledges and gifts of $25,000 and above support programs and operations on an annual basis. Art patrons who appreciate ICA’s visionary leadership for arts at the University of Pennsylvania and ICA’s importance in defining contemporary art globally recognize that unrestricted, director-designated gifts are essential. These unrestricted gifts give ICA the utmost flexibility in responding to artists and new ideas in the contemporary art world.

Exhibition Support

Major monographic and thematic group exhibitions are the primary focus of ICA. Unrestricted exhibition support is vital to our mission of unleashing the power of art and artists to inform and inspire. It also impacts our ambitious publication and public event program. Annual gifts or endowment support directed at exhibitions enable ICA’s curators to bring the dreams of new, emerging, and important artists to fruition in creative, flexible, and responsive ways.

Unrestricted Endowment Support

Currently, income from endowment now supplies 13–17 percent of ICA’s annual budget while annual contributions total 50 percent. ICA’s leadership and board prioritize increasing the percentage of the annual budget that is met by endowment income. In planning for the future, endowment support ensures ICA’s ability to respond to the most urgent and resonant art of our time.

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