39 Difficult Questions for Stefan Sagmeister [Out of Stock]

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Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania
Ana Gomez Lopez, Jennifer Burris, Kenneth Goldsmith. Introduction by Kenneth Goldsmith and essays by Jennifer Burris “Teaching Happiness”, Isabel Oliveres “Every scar is a learning experience”, Sarah Richter “Who gives a fuck”, Stacil Lynn Kaplan “Egos are frail”, Ana Maria Gomez Lopez “Lying consumes me”, Alexander Hovnanian “I don’t care”, NaomiShavin “What is, not what if”, Alexander Schwartz “Being tethered to cellular devices is no good”, Christina Lisk “I cannot function without love and happiness”, Ellie Lewitt “Am I upset or am I just hungry?
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This catalogue is divided into three parts. The first part, “Theory,” is a marathon 37-page interview conducted with Sagmeister over the course of two days–the most in-depth interview Sagmeister has given to date on his design rules and working methods; the second part, “Practice,” contains a series of personal statements from UPenn students who studied with Sagmeister for two semesters about their experiences over the course of an academic year; the third part, “Pataphysical Index,” provides a set of unreliably subjective indexes to the opening interview. 39 Difficult Questions is edited with a text by Jennifer Burris and includes an introduction by Kenneth Goldsmith along with contributions by Ana Maria Gomez Lopez, Alexander Hovnanian, Staci Lynn Kaplan, Ellie Levitt, Christina Lisk, Isabel Oliveres, Sarah Richter, Alexander Schwartz and Naomi Shavin.