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Blowing on a Hairy Shoulder

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Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania

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Doran Rabina. Essays by Doran Rabina “Blowing on a Hairy Shoulder Grief Hunters; Nimrod Matan “Originality Redeemed”; entries compiled by Jacqueline van Rhyn

Organized by prominent Israeli artist and curator Doron Rabina, this exhibition presents work by 20 artists from Israel, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Britain, and the United States that examines the relationships between originality and origin. Through video, photography, drawing, and sculpture, these works take the challenges of “originality”—invention, innovation, novelty—to extremes, while making the term “origin”—genesis, precedent, historical debt, pre-historic territory—a subject. The catalogue for the exhibition includes essays by Doron Rabina and Nimrod Matan, compiled by Jacqueline van Rhyn.