Holiday Bundle: Creative Publishing

$110.00 $75.00

The Creative Publishing bundle celebrates the creative freedom of ICA curators and the designers they work with, and includes a selection of our most unique catalogues. First Among Equals (2012), curated by Kate Kraczon and Alex Klein and designed by Mark Owens and Other Means, has a spiral binding that allows any page spread to become the cover. Trisha Donnelly (2008), curated by Jenelle Porter and designed by Purtill Family Business, is an accordion book that opens into a single, long spread reminiscent of the installation of the exhibition. The Happy Show (2012), curated by Claudia Gould and designed by Purtill Family Business with Sara Hartman, is our smallest publication and measures only 2 3/4″ x 4″ x 3/4″. Finally Richard Tuttle: In Parts 1998-2001 (2001), curated by Ingrid Shaffner and designed by Purtill Family Business, is a catalogue designed to be torn apart: each of the 13 folios opens into a small poster.

This bundle retails for $110.00, and is available for a limited time for the discounted price of $75.00