Set Pieces, curated by Virgil Marti from the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art [Out of Stock] book cover
Intitute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania
Richard Meyer, Virgil Marti, Thomas Devaney, Lia Gangitano, Joseph J. Rishel,
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Set Pieces restages objects and art works from the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Organized by guest curator Virgil Marti, a Philadelphia-based artist, the selection of 75 objects taps treasures from the museum’s storage spanning three centuries. Reflecting the artist’s own immersive sculptural environments that often cross art and décor, Marti draws especially on European and American decorative arts and sculpture. The installation is informed by favorite films (such as Citizen Kane and Last Year at Marienbad) and those cinematic moments that highlight the unique capability of film to stitch together random incidents. The result is series of tableaux and mash-ups of objects that might not otherwise meet outside this unconventional display of art objects and objets d’art. This fully illustrated catalogue includes written contributions by Thomas Devaney, Lia Gangitano, Claudia Gould, Virgil Marti, Richard Meyer, Joseph J. Rishel, and Ingrid Schaffner.