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Apr 14, 2019, 2PM–4PM

Coffee and Conversation: Staging Confinement

Tamir Williams. Photo by: Tatyana Parks.

Enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee and join Tamir Williams, Penn History of Art PhD candidate, for a conversation inspired by the ICA’s exhibition Introducing Tony Conrad: A Retrospective. The discussion will center on Conrad’s multimedia installation WiP (2013), or “women in prison.” Participants will consider how the work satirizes a subgenre of B movie exploitation films and related issues from camp sensibilities and role-playing to transparency and surveillance.

Programming at ICA has been made possible in part by the Emily and Jerry Spiegel Fund to Support Contemporary Culture and Visual Arts and the Lise Spiegel Wilks and Jeffrey Wilks Family Foundation, and by Hilarie L. & Mitchell Morgan.


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