Mar 15, 2024, 7PM

(deep) listening: Dislocation


Taking up themes from our current exhibition, Dominique White and Alberta Whittle: Sargasso Sea, this (deep) listening session features Chuquimamani-Condori with supporting performances by Kat Nzingha & DJ bbBasura. Together, they will sonically explore the profound impact displacement and forced migrations have had on both physical landscapes and their own cultural identities. 

This series is co-produced with Philly-based music organizer/curator & ICA Gallery Ambassador, Sarah Kim (All Mutable, @sa__a__a). Sessions this season resonate with themes of colonialism, healing, and afrofuturism, inviting you to explore the emotional landscape of diaspora & the intersections of art and identity. Join us on March 15th, April 19th, and May 24th for this series of musical performances that spotlight queer, trans, and artists of color pioneering the realms of experimental music.

(deep) listening line-up:

March 15th –  Dislocation with Chuquimamani-Condori, Kat Nzingha, & bbBasura

April 19th – Reflection; line up TBA

May 24th – Resonance; line up TBA


Register to attend this free event here.

About the musicians

Chuquimamani-Condori is an artist and musician belonging to the Great Paka Jaqi nation of Aymara people. They were born east of Los Angeles County, occupied by the state of California, and raised by their maternal side with land ties in Marka, Calacoto, Ayllu Pahaza, Pacajes, and Nor Yungas, occupied by the state of Bolivia. They are the grandchild of the jilakata Ricardo Chuquimia-Condori Casas and the great-great-granchild of cacique apoderado, Francisco Tancara. They also support the autonomous Northern and Southern California chapters of the American Indian Movement. The artist has shown and presented at Auto Italia in London, UK, Haus der Kunst in Munich, Germany, and Centre d’Art Contemporain Geneve in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Kat Nzingha is a trans, multidisciplinary experimental artist born and raised in Philadelphia. Their artistic practices explore abstruse textures through sonic and sculptural materials. Combining their sculptural works with heavy low-end frequencies and celebratory tones they create blissfully cryptic sonic resonances that are the extended bodies of the modified objects they fabricate. Kat Nzingha uses convulsing kicks, metallic percussion, and hyper-processed textures to design sound, and distinct repetitive techniques, industrial materials, and elongated forms in their sculptural works. After releasing an EP, “Angeltribe” on London label TT in 2020, and “Vorphic Skin” on Toothgrinder Press in 2023, Kat Nzingha released the album “Grind” on AngeltribeXTL. Shorty after, they released “RIM” in 2023 under the artist name “BRYYA” on the label formfourm which consists of heavy focused sound design techniques.

bb Basura works both as a DJ and in sound for theater and film. She has performed and played at venues such as MoMA PS1, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, Berlin Community Radio, the secret rave by the river, and cross country queer celebrations and festivals such as Pansyfest and Idapalooza. Her creative work is characterized by a centering and embracing of queer and global south club music, dance, and thunderous sound. Her performances exist as a carrier of stories and memories, and as a practice of imagining and creating more hopeful and alternative possibilities and environments for queer and trans joy and healing.


If you require any accessibility accommodations or have any questions about the program, please contact Brittany Clottey ( For more notes on accessibility including accessible parking nearby visit our Accessibility landing page.


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bbBasura, Image courtesy of the Artist


Kat Nzingha, Photo credit: Mario Dante @adeaddog


Chuquimamani-Condori, Image courtesy of Awesome Agency