Jun 9, 2019, 12PM–2PM

Extra Credit | Art-making/Art writing: Artists Writing About Art

Photograph of Meredith Sellers
Photo by: Tara White

Many artists struggle with writing, but who better to express ideas about art than artists themselves? Art writing has been a generative practice for many artists, who often use their writing as a space to work through the ideas that inform their own works in the studio. Artists such as Donald Judd, Robert Smithson, Adrian Piper, Mike Kelley, Hito Steryl, Martha Rosler, Dan Graham, and Pope.L have illuminated a wide range of topics from minimalism, to ideas about equity and race, to the found monument, to the uncanny. In this workshop, we’ll explore texts written by artists about their own art, other artists’ work, and topics conceptually related to their practices and areas of research in order to consider how artists can utilize writing to dive deeper into their own practices. We’ll also try our hands at writing in the form of an exercise designed to consider the underpinnings of your own artistic practice through the work of another artist. Participants are encouraged to bring a pen and paper for this session.

MEREDITH SELLERS is an artist, writer, and educator based in Philadelphia. She is an editor for Title Magazine; her writing has appeared in Hyperallergic, ArtsJournal, and Pelican Bomb, among others. She has exhibited work at ICA, Lord Ludd, Vox Populi, Icebox Project Space, Pilot Projects, Black Oak House, Pressure Club, and Delaware County Community College and has curated exhibitions at Crane Arts, Pilot Projects, and Esther Klein Gallery. Meredith is the Arts and Accessibility Programs Coordinator at the Mütter Museum and has lectured at UPenn, Moore, Tyler, and PAFA. She received her BFA from MICA and her MFA from UPenn.

Extra Credit is organized by the Public Engagement Department at the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania. Public Engagement is supported by the Bernstein Public Engagement Fund.


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