Sep 20, 2019, 12PM–1PM

Mindfulness at the Museum with Sandi Herman

Sandi Herman

Join Sandi as she connects you with the light, colors, shapes, and textures of the museum through conscious breathing exercises. This meditation workshop introduces participants to everyday mindfulness by cultivating a kind, compassionate atmosphere as you focus on the present moment. The session begins with seated, guided meditation inviting participants to slow down, follow their breath, and become aware of all of their senses. The interaction concludes with a meditative walk through the gallery, opening participants to the sensory stimuli that exists within the space.

Participation is free and open to all. Prior meditation experience and special clothing is not required.

After Mindfulness, dive deeper into a meditative space by participating in a Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) mini-session, led by Natalie Sandstrom, ICA Program Coordinator. Bring your reflections and heightened senses into the galleries for open dialogue and empathetic exchanges with those who have chosen to join you. The session will take place in the galleries immediately following Mindfulness, and will explore one artwork for 30 minutes. All are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate!


Sandi is a Philadelphia-based health educator, who has developed expertise in holistic approaches to stress reduction. For many years, she worked as a women’s health care advocate and educator, as well as an AIDS activist. Since 2007, she has facilitated workshops on stress reduction, mindfulness, and self-care for University of Pennsylvania students and staff. These workshops encourage participants to consciously experience the present moment with kindness and compassion for themselves and others. Sandi began practicing meditation in 1987, and has studied many mind/body practices, including mindfulness, yoga, qi gong, and reiki.


Mindfulness at the Museum is a series of drop-in guided meditation sessions facilitated by skilled holistic practitioners. Our exhibitions serve as the backdrop, as you learn how to become present in the “here and now.” Research shows mindfulness meditation can increase memory skills, foster compassion, and reduce stress. Each encounter is unique from the last, drawing synthesis between the mind and body, leaving participants equipped with knowledge on how to lead a balanced life.

Programming at ICA has been made possible in part by the Emily and Jerry Spiegel Fund to Support Contemporary Culture and Visual Arts and the Lise Spiegel Wilks and Jeffrey Wilks Family Foundation, and by Hilarie L. & Mitchell Morgan.


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