Oct 26, 2020, 6PM

Mondays with Milford: Heart Music

Image courtesy of the artist.

Bi-weekly virtual screenings of rare digital footage from Milford Graves’s archives will be shown on icaphila.org throughout the run of A Mind-Body Deal, along with additional video selections and dialogues that contextualize Graves’s practice. Screenings begin at 6PM and will remain online until the next event.

For a schedule of screenings, click here.

Heart Music

A collection of films chronicling Milford Graves’s study of cardiology. Using a device known as an electronic stethoscope, Graves was able to hear and record the different patterns produced by each heartbeat. Through LabVIEW software, he translated these vibrations into audible frequencies that he called heart music. His research inspired several medical studies, including a collaboration with researcher Carlo Ventura which showed that exposure to heart music caused unassigned stem cells to develop into myocardial cells.

Bata Wormhole (2020)
16mm film transferred to digital
Runtime: 6:23

Cell Melodies (2020)
Produced by Stefano Croci
Digital video
Runtime: 40:41