Dec 21, 2020, 6PM

Mondays with Milford: The Botanist

Photo by: Shawn Hanna.

Bi-weekly virtual screenings of rare digital footage from Milford Graves’s archives will be shown on throughout the run of A Mind-Body Deal, along with additional video selections and dialogues that contextualize Graves’s practice. Screenings begin at 6PM and will remain online until the next event.

For a schedule of screenings, click here.

This program is co-presented by Ars Nova Workshop.

The Botanist

I have a global garden. My garden’s not like people. You got all these people of different ethnicities, they live in their own communities – this don’t work like that. They all hang out together, right? I put them like that man, just to watch. So it don’t look like a farm. Let’s put’em together, know what I mean? One group, one culture here, one culture there, another culture there, spread them out, man. Plants are constantly picking up cosmic energy, just beyond photosynthesis. They may not have the machines to detect everything, but to me it’s just like humans, man. We’re constantly breathing in air. We’re breathing in all kinds of elements that are of nature. So what makes you think that plants are any different? – Milford Graves

Graves in the Garden (2020)
Directed by Jake Meginsky
16 mm and video transferred to digital
Runtime: 6:43

Eating in the Garden (1990)
Private VHS tape
Runtime: 4:57

Garden Ground Spring/Summer (1988)
Private VHS Tape
Runtime: 15:47