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Aug 30, 2013
Excursus III: Club Nutz
Club Nutz and artist Andrew Jeffrey Wright hosted an afternoon of humor in the smallest comedy club in the world. Opened in Milwaukee in 2009, Club Nutz is a portable, miniature comedy and dance club operated by painters Scott and Tyson Reeder and curator Elysia Borowy-Reeder. The event included an open-mic “Happy Hour” session where…
Aug 30, 2013
ICA Salon: Folk / Subculture
How are folk art practices different from subcultural formations and in what ways do they overlap? Our final Salon considered these questions by looking at class identification, subcultural affiliations, and the use of the vernacular in contemporary art. Participants included Alex Baker, Matthew Higgs, and William E. Jones.
Aug 30, 2013
Day With(out) Art: Ribbon Bee @ ICA
Members of Philadelphia HIV/AIDS and LGBQT activist communities as well as the undergraduate student body at Penn came together to make red ribbons and hear readings and discussion about the histories and current struggles of HIV/AIDS activism. Speakers included artists and activists Joy Episalla and Carrie Yamaoka, Penn student Rosa Escandon, and Keisha Duncan from…
Aug 30, 2013
Excursus III: Coffee & Conversation
PennDesign MFA student Jacob Rivkin led an intimate conversation over complimentary La Colombe coffee about artists and their parents. Prompted by the ICA exhibition Jeremy Deller: Joy in People. View the Excursus website. Coffee & ConversationExcursus (2011–13)
Aug 30, 2013
Excursus III: Beckwith & Vale
Artists Danny McDonald and Patterson Beckwith, members of artist collective ART CLUB 2000, invited ICA visitors to humiliate themselves by singing their hearts out at a karaoke session hosted by the mysterious Mindy Vale and having their photos taken by Beckwith in his costumed Portable Portrait Studio. View the Excursus website. Ex III Beckwith and…
Aug 30, 2013
Excursus III: Skype Talk
Artist Becca Albee and her father, historian Parker Bishop Albee Jr., shared their expertise and debated the details of the controversy surrounding actress and author Joan Lowell’s 1929 bestselling autobiography, The Cradle of the Deep, in a public Skype talk. View the Excursus website. Ex III Skype Talk 1Ex III Skype Talk 2Ex III Skype…
Aug 30, 2013
Excursus III: Lucky Dragons
Luke Fischbeck returned to ICA to celebrate the conclusion of Excursus III with a special performance by his band with Sarah Rara, Lucky Dragons, an experimental music group based in Los Angeles and known for their unconventional and multilayered soundscapes produced in a spirit of collaboration. View the Excursus website. Ex III Lucky Dragons 1Ex…
Aug 30, 2013
Opening and Walkthrough: Winter 2013
ICA celebrated the opening of the exhibitions White Petals Surround Your Yellow Heart, Brian Weil, and Glitter and Folds with walkthroughs with artists and curators and two site-specific performances. Artist Field Kallop presented and upon each stood a siren, borne around in its revolution (2013) in the exhibition Glitter and Folds, while Irena Knezevic activated…
Aug 30, 2013
Screening and Talk: Chris Kraus
Novelist, critic, and filmmaker Chris Kraus’s How to Shoot a Crime (1982/1987) juxtaposes pop sadomasochism and police crime scene videos, creating an image of New York City on the cusp of gentrification. Kraus and Brian Weil curator Stamatina Gregory were present for a screening and conversation on representations of sex, violence, and New York in…