Jun 2, 2012, 1PM

Bodega: Performance Series with Jen Rosenblit


Jen Rosenblit’s Lunch ‘n’ Lecture invited the museum audience to a lunchtime performance on the terrace of the ICA. A table was set with an elaborately composed monochromic meal in the spirit of a Fluxus feast. The performance began when visitors were invited to sit down at the table and were promptly bibbed. Rosenblit acted as the master of ceremonies, giving recitations and directing her guests to eat and drink. As diners enjoyed their meal—including white wine, matzah, hard boiled eggs, white chocolate, meringues, sardines, and sugar sticks—two dancers circled the table performing Rosenblit’s choreography. This inversion of the theater-in-the-round orientation between audience and dancers confused the social, sensorial, and spectatorial nature of the performance and meal. Performers: Effie Bowen and Addys Gonzalez.