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May 5, 2012, 2PM

Bodega: Performance Series with Yve Laris Cohen


Yve Laris Cohen’s 105-minute monologue, Soft Goods III, traced the economic lineage of the piece he had created the evening before at a gallery in Chelsea. The performance began with the distribution of articles of clothing he had worn previously to the audience, such as a fake blood-stained shirt and the cap and gown worn to his MFA graduation ceremony at Columbia University. Recounting how the Chelsea gallery had asked him to cover the installation labor and costs, Laris Cohen mimed and physically walked the audience through the building and performative process of the exhibition. He went on to explain how his out-of-pocket expenses were covered by the ICA honorarium and through sex work. Laris Cohen was forthright about both the exploitation of artistic labor within the gallery system and of his privileging the cultural capital gained in a Chelsea gallery show over the Philadelphia-based ICA.