Feb 11, 2015, 5:54AM

Free For All


Free For All winter poster (2015)

Free For All winter poster (2015)

Acclaimed performance artist, naturalist, and illustrator Lord Whimsy invites you to ICA for a vintage spiritualist evening of botanical adventures and nineteenth-century dandyism.

Wander into the ambient electronic sounds of Ben Warfield and friends—and get lost in David Kessler’s visual projections of luscious plant life. Sip tea, sup on healthy treats, and create your own takeaway terrarium with landscape designer Kate Farquar and artist Kaitlin Pomerantz of WE THE WEEDS (jars and plants provided).

The galleries will be open late (until 9pm) and guides will be on hand to lead you through the flora and fauna of contemporary art. Let art, nature, and hot tea be your antidote to winter bleakness!
Lord Whimsy, Free For All, portrait (2015)Free For All, Kate Farquar portrait (2015)Free For All, Ben Warfield portrait (2015)Free For All, David Kessler portrait (2015)Free For All, Kaitlin Pomerantz portrait (2015)

We’re delighted to celebrate Ben Warfield’s latest album Songs of Light and Dust, released via Datagarden on plantable paper, and Allan Crawford a.k.a Lord Whimsy’s new illustrated book, Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself, which will both be on sale (cash only).



Please note: There will be a limited supply of terrarium building materials, so come along early to ensure you get one!
Free For All