Jul 26, 2012, 8PM

“Is Your Leisure Time Private?”


Special guests Wu Tsang, Wendy Yao, DJ Venus X, Ashland Mines, and Leilah Weinraub addressed the question, “Is your leisure time private?” The evening began with a multimedia discussion of subculture from the ’90s to present led by five artists—born between 1978 and 1987—and eventually unraveled into a gathering with music provided by DJs Venus X and Total Freedom. Inspired by the title question of an early-’90s punk-era essay by riot grrrl author Tinuviel, the conversation explored the ways underground culture can foster inherently political means of cultural autonomy and community empowerment through individual experience. We looked at how this question remains relevant today, discussed generational shifts, and focused on contemporary club culture, the influence of the Internet, and the effects of the changing meaning of “underground” on these ideas.