May 8, 2015, 11AM

Jubilee School (pre-K–6) visits Do/Tell


Erin Bernard, Public History Truck collage (2014)

“Erin Bernard, Collages by Tree House Campers on Public History Truck, 2014. [Under the guidance of collagist Theodore A. Harris, the campers translated oral history interviews into visual language. These collages depict the oral history of Barbara Easley Cox, a former Black Panther and civic leader living in Philadelphia, PA.]”

Integrating rigorous scholarship and social activism, Jubilee School in West Philadelphia has collaborated with Penn students in the development of Do/Tell. Jubilee School students visit ICA and activate the exhibition space with a range of activities from story time and reading, to playing a board game developed by Dr. Amy Hillier based on W.E.B. DuBois’s The Philadelphia Negro, to discussions of aesthetics in Black Power with artist Theodor A. Harris.
Do/Tell: Erin Bernard, Heather Hart, Rachelle Mozman, and Akosua Adoma Owusu Conversation: Erin Bernard and Heather Hart with Penn studentsJubilee School (pre-K–6) visits Do/TellJubilee School (pre-K–6) visits Do/TellJubilee School (pre-K–6) visits Do/Tell