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Feb 8, 2019, 12PM–1PM

Mindfulness at the Museum with Hariprasad Kowtha

Hariprasad Kowtha

Mindfulness at the Museum is a series of drop-in guided meditation sessions facilitated by skilled holistic practitioners. Hariprasad begins each session with a brief description of how the interaction will unfold. From there, you are led into either walking or seated mediation for approximately 20 – 30 minutes, as you collectively engage with mindfulness in silence with fellow participants. The session wraps-up with a moment of reflection, providing you with an opportunity to learn more about the individuals you’ve taken this journey with, and how your collective experiences relate to art. Hari concludes with a brief meditation and encouragement of being mindful each day.


Hariprasad Kowtha hails from the Southwestern United States. He has been practicing Eastern spirituality all his life, and began a physical mindfulness practice by age eleven. Hariprasad teaches hatha yoga at community centers and yoga studios in West Philadelphia. He welcomes everyone to his classes, regardless of experience or ability. He bases all his practices on collective liberation, believing that mindfulness is foundational to self-determination. 

Participation is free and open to all. Prior meditation experience and special clothing is not required. 

Programming at ICA has been made possible in part by the Emily and Jerry Spiegel Fund to Support Contemporary Culture and Visual Arts and the Lise Spiegel Wilks and Jeffrey Wilks Family Foundation, and by Hilarie L. & Mitchell Morgan.


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