Sep 29, 2017, 7PM

New Works Produced Through Scribe’s 14-Week Workshop

Scribe workshop

Scribe workshop

Scribe workshop

From documentary to narrative to memoir, enjoy this diverse and compelling offering of short videos produced as a part of Scribe Video Center’s 14 week Production Workshop.

“half-life” by Eric Shapiro
A portrait of the every day life of David Shapiro, a 68 year old recently retired father of four. Directed and shot by his son, Eric Shapiro, it explores the small ways culture is both preserved and erased between generations of white Jewish Americans.

“Images of Erica” by Madeline Taterka
Ten years after her mother’s death, a 26-year-old woman meets with friends and family to uncover new insight into her mother’s life and perspective.

“The Cover Of My Soul” by Denise Allen Denise
Allen traces her personal journey of self-acceptance and her spiritual growth after losing all of her hair.

“The Peacemaker and the Judge” by Jamil Gordon
This personal narrative chronicles the journey from depression to understanding, as a client wrestles with lingering trauma from a childhood laced with pain of the lasting impact of the 9/11 attacks.

“What’s Your Name?” by Nware Rahsaan Burge
A documentary about using DNA science and research to offer African-Americans a viable alternative to names that were forced upon them by the European slave traders in the Americas.