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Carolyn Lazard: Long Take & Terence Nance: Swarm.
Nov 13, 2016, 3:30PM

Raúl de Nieves: Ceremonial Metal of Alien Exits by Somos Monstros


Somos Monstros

Somos Monstros: Raúl de Nieves and Erik Zajaceskowski

The Institute of Contemporary Art is pleased to present five performances conceptualized and set in motion by Raúl de Nieves, the second lead participant in the ongoing exhibition Endless Shout. Endless Shout—a six-month exhibition that offers improvisation and collectivity beyond music or dance to also include conversation, poetry, visual art, construction, etc.—asks how, why, where, and when performance and improvisation can take place inside a museum.

Join us for a presentation of Ceremonial Metal of Alien Exits by Somos Monstros, featuring Raúl de Nieves and Erik Zajaceskowski. This event is free and open to the public. Register here.

Raúl de Nieves and Erik Zajaceskowski as Somos Monstros fearlessly push the boundaries of storytelling by examining and reconfiguring the world we inherited, where we are today and where we are going. They don’t reject the past; they playfully refer to it while fully immersing themselves in today’s landscape and deepening our understanding of it.