Nov 9, 2016, 6:30PM

Raúl de Nieves: The Way and the Body


Monica MirabileSigrid LaurenKathleen DycaicoTara-Jo TashnaMicki Pellerano

The Institute of Contemporary Art is pleased to present five performances conceptualized and set in motion by Raúl de Nieves, the second lead participant in the ongoing exhibition Endless Shout. Endless Shout—a six-month exhibition that offers improvisation and collectivity beyond music or dance to also include conversation, poetry, visual art, construction, etc.—asks how, why, where, and when performance and improvisation can take place inside a museum.

Join us for The Way and the Body, a performance in seven acts by Raúl de Nieves, Micki Pellerano & Monica Mirabile, presented in collaboration with Sigrid Lauren, Tara-Jo Tashna & Kathleen Dycaico, narrated by Chiara Fumai.

This event is free and open to the public. Register here.

Micki Pellerano is a Cuban-American artist working in draftsmanship, performance, and film. His work is informed by studies in experimental theater at New York University and his scholarly accomplishments in Western Esotericism.

Monica Mirabile’s choreographed work explores the product of absorbing familial and corporate codes found in saturated commercial media. “The arrangements are schematic, inviting the viewer to move into a space of vulnerability, often creating immersive atmospheres that audiences move through,” says Mirabile. “The movement relies on a seductive physical poetry, traipsing between acrobatic symbiosis and the smack of our bodies hitting the ground. I work with large groups of people, typically non-dancers, to develop a psychological understanding of social trauma. The dance is made when we create aggressive new systems that lure psychological habits from the brain to the body, thus exposing the identity of the group. We therefore learn to self-actualize while also working together.”

Sigrid Lauren is an American choreographer, director, and dancer currently based in New York City. Through pop culture sampling, psycho-cellular exposures and non-verbal linguistics, Sigrid develops an attention deficit consciousness that oscillates within pools of projected propaganda and propositions for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. Her work explores control and technologically induced imbalance on the mind/body relationship to create new landscapes and alternate somatic opportunities. Sigrid looks at the inapproachability of humanity and quests of connection. Her video work and performances have been reviewed by NPR, The Fader, Purple Magazine, Vice’s The Creators Project, Art in America, and more. She has choreographed and toured with pop musicians Grimes, MNDR, Neon Indian, Pictureplane and dances for acclaimed artist Ryan McNamara. In 2015, Sigrid was awarded the prestigious danceWEB scholarship for the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna, AU. Sigrid Lauren is one half of FlucT with Monica Mirabile and co-founder, instructor, and special events coordinator at Otion Front Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Tara-Jo Tashna is a Jamaican-born performance artist, dancer, choreographer, and musician living in Brooklyn, New York.

Kathleen Dycaico is a choreographer and installation artist living in Brooklyn, New York. Her work, both choreography and installation, deals with the aim to eden/heaven and the dystopian end times in which we create anew. Born and raised in the fertile farmlands and post-1960s utopia wreckage of California, she was fed on a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy novels until she moved to Brazil at 18. She graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California at Davis, immersed in the study of creating utopian cities and societies. It was here that she began to merge the physical and spatial into performance. She is currently a partner and Residency Coordinator at Otion Front Studio, an experimental performance space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Recent projects include Apple-Eaters, a solo show at UC Berkeley, California; and Authority Figure, a group performance at the Knockdown Center in New York. Authority Figure brought together musicians, installation artists, choreographers, and over 150 performers in a choreographic experience designed to challenge ideas of authority in our everyday lives. Authority Figure received press in the New York Times, The Fader, The Village Voice, and more.