Jul 22, 2015, 6:30PM

Writing Art and Life #4: Dream Narratives


Pull up a chair on ICA’s temporary porch with writer and critic Becky Huff Hunter to explore how art writing and life writing intersect and inform each other. Discover critical, fiction, and nonfiction readings; share your encounters with art and objects; and tell your own personal stories in this four-session spring/summer workshop, which is part of Philadelphia’s New Art Writing Symposium, organized by The St.Claire and The Artblog.

In this session, listen to stories of dreaming and art, and consider how artists use the symbolism and mystery of sleep in written works. Come prepared to talk and write about your dreams.

Sign up for the session that piques your interest, or immerse yourself in all four workshops. After registering, you will receive brief readings and warmup writing exercises. (Please bring a notebook and pencil.)


1 Worn Stories, with Emily Spivack
2 Characterful Objects
3 Critical Subjects
4 Dream Narratives
Do/Tell: Erin Bernard, Heather Hart, Rachelle Mozman, and Akosua Adoma Owusu Writing Art and Life #1: Worn Stories Workshop with Emily SpivackWriting Art and Life #2: Characterful ObjectsWriting Art and Life #3: Critical SubjectsCreate on ICA’s Porch: Open sketch and writing nightCreate on the Porch: Open sketch and writing night