Dec 8, 2019, 2PM–5PM

Scribe Video Center DHPY Screening

Still from Take us Seriously: The September 20th Climate Strike by Noah Eggerts & Jennifer Wilson

Celebrate new works from Scribe Video Center’s 2019 Documentary History Project for Youth (DHPY), an annual after-school, weekend and summertime digital media production workshop for middle and high school students.

Each year, youth participants create short documentary films as a way to explore some aspect of the social, political and cultural history of Philadelphia. This year the teens examined acts of “Youth Activism” with an eye on the historic relationship between young people and activism in Philadelphia. Tackling gender discrimination, gentrification, youth climate strikes, and more—our young filmmakers applied their talents to explore and document acts of “Youth Activism” cultures they came to know while in DHPY.

The following films will be presented:

Wake up World
by Takeyo Rockmore & Quaadir Barnes
The continued existence of our world goes beyond manufacturing and factories; we too can contribute to its restoration.

The Difference Between Him and I
by Kyla Gladney-Enos & Taylor Johnson
This documentary incorporates the narratives of women, unified and determined in their own knowledge of self that they are more than simple societal expectations.

Changing Streets
by Marvin Cooper & Tymir Oveida
Gentrification is taking a toll on both Philadelphia’s residents and its students.

Awaken to Activism: The Fight to Maintain our Public Schools
by Geronimo Murray & Malcolm Margasak
Examining the evolution of activism in the Philadelphia Public School District through issues and methods.

Take us Seriously: The September 20th Climate Strike
by Noah Eggerts & Jennifer Wilson

As we descend floors, we descend through TIME: The History Elevator
by Geronimo Murray, Jennifer Wilson, Kyla Gladney-Enos, Malcolm Margasak, Marvin Cooper, Noah Eggerts, Quaadir Barnes, Takeyo Rockmore, Taylor Johnson, and Tymir Oveida
A curious student takes her learning into her own hands; she visits a museum and discovers the Truce Flag through The History Elevator.


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