ICA@50: Pleasing Artists and Publics Since 1963

Microexhibitions opening every two weeks drew visitors to return frequently for a multifaceted experience of the many forms of contemporary art. Multiple public programs and performances, along with moveable plinths and vitrines, further animated the shifting space.

ICA@50: Pleasing Artists and Publics Since 1963 marked half a century of ICA’s role as one of the leading contemporary art museums in the world. Protean, dynamic, and unpredictable, this inquisitive exhibition activated our influential past and propelled ICA into the future.

The curatorial team consisted of Chief Curator Ingrid Schaffner, Program Curator Alex Klein, Associate Curator Anthony Elms, Assistant Curator Kate Kraczon, and Whitney-Lauder Curatorial Fellow Liz Park, with contributions from colleagues across ICA.

Here, explore all of the ICA@50 exhibitions, as well as archival materials from the past shows that inspired them.
Pathways to Unknown Worlds: Sun Ra, El Saturn & Chicago’s Afro-Futurist Underground, 1954–1968Locally Localized GravityRamp Project: Zoe StraussThe Big NothingWithout GroundEast Meets West: “Folk” and Fantasy from the CoastsFace-Off: The Portrait in Recent ArtAndres Serrano: Works 1983–1993Signs of Life: Process and Materials 1960–1990Francesca Woodman: Photographic WorkInvestigations 28: Martin KippenbergerMade in Philadelphia 7Hollis Frampton: Recollections, RecreationsInvestigations 15: David Wojnarowicz: Paintings and SculptureThe East Village SceneImage Scavengers: PaintingImage Scavengers: PhotographyStreet Sights 2Drawings: The Pluralist DecadeStreet SightsMade in Philadelphia 3Richard Artschwager’s Theme(s)Books by Eugene FeldmanPaul Thek / ProcessionsJoan Jonas/Stage SetsVideo ArtRobert Morris/ProjectsAgnes MartinTwo Generations of Color PaintingBetween Object and Environment: Sculpture in an Extended FormatThe Spirit of the ComicsA Romantic MinimalismThe Other Tradition7 SculptorsAndy WarholGroup ZeroClyfford StillMade in PhiladelphiaLinda Yun: there’s a universe in your head that leaks from your eyes and mouth and hands / A Romantic Minimalism (1967)David Diao / Two Generations of Color Painting (1970)Feelings Are Things / The Other Tradition (1966)AVANT-GARDEner: Ian Hamilton Finlay / Between Object and Environment: Sculpture in an Extended Format (1969)RAIR: Simon Kim and Billy Dufala / Made in Philadelphia (1973)Robert Morris: Tracks / Robert Morris/Projects (1974)Videoarte Brasil / Video Art (1975)Vishal Jugdeo: An Education in the Logic of the Leaves / Joan Jonas/Stage Sets (1976)Richard Artschwager’s Hologram / Richard Artschwager’s Theme(s) (1979)Deb SokolowRAIR: Mary Ellen Carroll / Made in Philadelphia (1980)David Wojnarowicz: The Private Lives of Saints / The East Village Scene (1984) and Investigations 15: David Wojnarowicz: Paintings and Sculpture (1985)Morgan Fisher: Scratched Aspect Ratio Pieces / Hollis Frampton: Recollections, Recreations (1986)RAIR: Bryan Zanisnik / Made in Philadelphia (1987)Elisabeth Subrin: Damage Report / Francesca Woodman: Photographic Work (1989)Duane Linklater: It means it is raining / Kimowan McLain: Without Ground (2002)Josh Kline: Living Wages / The Big Nothing (2004)Benjamin Tiven: Synthetic Spectra / The Big Nothing (2004)Noa Giniger: Durational Boundaries / The Big Nothing (2004)The Capricious Sky / Group Zero (1964)Siltbreeze / Image Scavengers (1982)