Feb 10–Jun 2, 2024

Dominique White and Alberta Whittle: Sargasso Sea

Installation view, Alberta Whittle: between a whisper and a cry. Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, June 10 – September 10, 2023. Photo: Jeff McLane/ICA LA.

Dominique White and Alberta Whittle: Sargasso Sea is an exhibition that takes its name from the only body of water that is defined solely by oceanic currents rather than shorelines. The Sargasso Sea lies just north of the Caribbean, stretching up towards the American coast and out towards the mid-Atlantic, encompassing an ecological system supported by the seaweed, Sargassum, as well as Marine routes that have reorganized the world through colonial expansion, trade, trafficking, environmental devastation, enslavement and migration. In this exhibition, guest-curated by Daniella Rose King, White’s and Whittle’s work invoke futures that upend this world with counter images of shipwreck, salvage, reciprocity and Black feminist led-revolution.

Dominique White, Can We be Known Without Being Hunted, 2022. Installation view of Cinders of the Wreck, at Triangle – Astérides, Marseille, FR, 2022. Courtesy the artist, Triangle–Astérides and Veda. Photo by Aurélien Mole.



Support for Dominique White and Alberta Whittle: Sargasso Sea has been provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and by the Henry Moore Foundation. Additional support has been provided by Cecile & Christopher D’Amelio, Norma & Lawrence Reichlin, and Linda & Jeffrey Chodorow.