Jun 25–Aug 17, 2014

Duane Linklater: It means it is raining / Kimowan McLain: Without Ground (2002)


Organized by Whitney-Lauder Curatorial Fellow Liz Park

Duane Linklater: It Means it is RainingWithout Ground2014_DuaneLinklater-0062014_DuaneLinklater-0012014_DuaneLinklater-0022014_DuaneLinklater-0032014_DuaneLinklater-0042014_DuaneLinklater-005

In an attempt to uncover the photographs from Kimowan Metchewais’s (formerly McLain) 2002 Ramp project, Duane Linklater scrapes away the layers of paint that have since accumulated on the walls.

To view the online component of this exhibition visit It means it is raining.
Without GroundICA@50: Pleasing Artists And Publics Since 1963It means it is raining