Oct 30–Dec 11, 1964

Group Zero


There are many aspects, under which ZERO might be looked upon. ‘Visual Research’? No, (because pure visual research continues the academic tradition). ‘Vibration’? No, (because we merely use it as a means, not as an aim). ‘Universalism’? No, (as every art has a trend towards universalism). ‘Purism’? No, (as purism is utopic).There is one integrating power which is and will be reining our efforts: the fascinating attraction of light. We try to transform its inexhaustible energies into human measures. Did Goethe say when dying “more light?” Nobody knows. We trust more in the natural evidence that man needs light for living.”⁣
-Otto Piene, Curator, 1964

ArmandoPol BuryEnrico CastellaniPiero DorazioLucio FontanaHermann GoepfertGotthard GraubnerHans HaackeOskar HolweckJohn HoylandRobert IndianaYves KleinKusamaAdolf LutherHeinz MackPiero ManzoniAlmir MavignierChristian MegertHenk PeetersOtto PieneUli PohlHans SalentinLo SavioJohannes Jacobus SchoonhovenJesus Raphael SoloFerdinand SpindelJean TinguelyGunther UeckerJef VerheyenNanda VigoJesus Raphael Solo1964_Group_Zero.jpg1964_Group_Zero.jpgGroup Zero 01Group Zero 02Group Zero 03Group Zero 04Group Zero

The Capricious Sky / Group Zero (1964)