A Podcast From ICA

I is for Institute


What’s in a name? This question initiated our investigation into ICA: how it came to be, what it means now, and how we might imagine it in the future. In turn, we wanted to learn what the language in our name—specifically the notion of an ‘institute’—conjures for the public. With our desire to think critically about the trajectory of our own institution, within its specific moment and locale, we also felt the need to situate ourselves by considering how we relate to and differ from other organizational models. I is for Institute is a collaborative project that documents informal conversations with colleagues working in contemporary arts organizations internationally about their perspectives on their work. You are invited to follow the project as it unfolds over time and participate in an ongoing dialogue about what contemporary arts institutions are today, and hopefully what they can be tomorrow.

Follow the project here, and read an overview written by project creators Alex Klein and Tausif Noor for Dubai’s Alserkal here.