Feb 12–Aug 17, 2014

ICA@50: Pleasing Artists And Publics Since 1963


ICA@50 Logo

ICA@50 Logo

Richard ArtschwagerAnthony CampuzanoMary Ellen CarrollDavid DempewolfDavid DiaoIan Hamilton FinlayJoan JonasGabriel MartinezRobert MorrisDan MurphyOtto PieneBeverly SemmesZoe StraussPaul ThekAnn WilsonDavid WojnarowiczAlina GrabowskiTim PortlockAmy BensonJeamin ChaRobert CozzolinoMicah DangesData GardenJonathas de AndradeThomas DevaneyBilly DufalaMorgan FisherNoa GinigerDavid GrubbsTamar GuimarãesSusan HoweJohn Dixon HuntMajor JacksonVishal JugdeoSimon KimJosh KlineJadranka KosorcicThom LessnerDuane LinklaterAnna NeighborTamarin NorwoodJohn OllmanGlenn PhillipsChris PowellRosángela RennóJoseph RishelSiltbreezeDeb SokolowAsali SolomonHenry SteinbergSarah StolfaElisabeth SubrinSwarmTime FarmersIsaac Tin Wei LinBenjamin TivenCarl Michael von HausswolffLinda YunBryan ZanisnikMark OwensBardo PondSreshta Rit PremnathMicroexhibitions opening every two weeks draw you to return frequently for a multifaceted experience of the many forms of contemporary art. Multiple public programs and performances, along with moveable plinths and vitrines, further animate the shifting space.
ICA@50 Installation View #1aICA@50 Installation View #4aICA@50 Installation View #5aICA@50: Linda YunICA@50 Installation View #7ICA@50 Installation View #10aICA@50: Paul ThekICA@50: Ian Hamilton FinlayICA@50: David DiaoICA@50: Ian Hamilton FinlayICA@50: David DiaoICA@50: Ian Hamilton FinlayICA@50: Robert MorrisICA@50: Videoarte BrasilICA@50: Robert MorrisICA@50: Salon wall / installation viewICA@50: Salon wallICA@50: Videoarte BrasilICA@50: installation viewICA@50: Videoarte BrasilICA@50: Artschwager / salon hangICA@50: Richard ArtschwagerICA@50: Vishal JugdeoICA@50: Vishal JugdeoICA@50: salon hangICA@50: Mary Ellen CarrollICA@50: Mary Ellen CarrolICA@50: Mary Ellen CarrollICA@50: Scratched Aspect RatioICA@50: Scratched Aspect RatioICA@50: Scratched Aspect RatioICA@50: SiltbreezeICA@50: SiltbreezeICA@50: SiltbreezeICA@50: Deb SokolowICA@50: Deb SokolowICA@50: WojnarowiczICA@50: WojnarowiczICA@50: Bryan ZanisnikICA@50: Bryan ZanisnikICA@50: Elisabeth SubrinICA@50: Elisabeth Subrin

Linda Yun: there’s a universe in your head that leaks from your eyes and mouth and hands / A Romantic Minimalism (1967)David Diao / Two Generations of Color Painting (1970)Tamarin Norwood: A Fine Line / Agnes Martin (1973)Feelings Are Things / The Other Tradition (1966)AVANT-GARDEner: Ian Hamilton Finlay / Between Object and Environment: Sculpture in an Extended Format (1969)RAIR: Simon Kim and Billy Dufala / Made in Philadelphia (1973)Robert Morris: Tracks / Robert Morris/Projects (1974)Videoarte Brasil / Video Art (1975)Vishal Jugdeo: An Education in the Logic of the Leaves / Joan Jonas/Stage Sets (1976)Richard Artschwager’s Hologram / Richard Artschwager’s Theme(s) (1979)Deb SokolowRAIR: Mary Ellen Carroll / Made in Philadelphia (1980)David Wojnarowicz: The Private Lives of Saints / The East Village Scene (1984) and Investigations 15: David Wojnarowicz: Paintings and Sculpture (1985)Morgan Fisher: Scratched Aspect Ratio Pieces / Hollis Frampton: Recollections, Recreations (1986)RAIR: Bryan Zanisnik / Made in Philadelphia (1987)Elisabeth Subrin: Damage Report / Francesca Woodman: Photographic Work (1989)Carl Michael von Hausswolff / Signs of Life: Process and Materials 1960–1990 (1990)Zoe Strauss / Andres Serrano: Works 1983–1993 (1994)Jadranka Kosorcic / Face-Off: The Portrait in Recent Art (1994)Woe Be Gone / East Meets West: “Folk” and Fantasy from the Coasts (2001)Duane Linklater: It means it is raining / Kimowan McLain: Without Ground (2002)Josh Kline: Living Wages / The Big Nothing (2004)Benjamin Tiven: Synthetic Spectra / The Big Nothing (2004)Noa Giniger: Durational Boundaries / The Big Nothing (2004)The Capricious Sky / Group Zero (1964)@ICAPhiladelphia / Street Sights (1980 and 1981)Siltbreeze / Image Scavengers (1982)ICA Exhibition Catalogues, 1963–2013 / Books by Eugene Feldman (1977)The Capricious Sky: It is not a question but a balloon, 2010/2014ICA Birthday PartySeven Writers / 7 Sculptors (1965)Free For All: Mitral Transmission / Andy Warhol (1967)John Dixon Hunt: Gardens As a Mode of Attack / Between Object and Environment: Sculpture in an Extended Format (1969)The Philadelphia/Chicago Connection / The Spirit of the Comics (1969)Videoarte Brasil 1970s / Video Art (1975)Joan Jonas, Vishal Jugdeo and David Dempewolf in Conversation / Joan Jonas/Stage Sets (1976)Susan Howe and David Grubbs / Paul Thek / Processions (1977)Life Drawing Studio / Drawings: The Pluralist Decade (1980)Siltbreezes and German Spectres / Image Scavengers (1982) and Investigations 28: Martin Kippenberger (1989)Performance: Carl Michael von Hausswolff / Signs of Life: Process and Materials 1960–1990 (1990) Zoe Strauss and Ashley Thompson / Zoe Strauss (2006)Swarm / Pathways to Unknown Worlds: Sun Ra, El Saturn & Chicago’s Afro-Futurist Underground, 1954–68 (2009)Time Farmers on ICA’s Terrace / Locally Localized Gravity (2007)Josh Kline, Benjamin Tiven, and Noa Giniger in Conversation About Nothing / The Big Nothing (2004)ICA@50 Closing PartyWild Imaginings: ICA @ 50ICA’s StoryCake: ICA Turns 50Gardening with Words: Ian Hamilton FinlayBaptism by Fire: A Cup of Tea with Suzanne DelehantyBlind Date: Half a Portrait with Jadranka KosorcicSave The Date: ICA 50th Birthday BenefitCurating Videoarte Brasil: an interview with Jeffrey Bussmann@ICAPhiladelphia: an ICA@50 Instagram carousel by artist Micah DangesShare your Philadelphia stories with artist Jadranka KosorcicVisit ICA@50 five times and receive a free ICA membership!@ICAPhiladelphia: an ICA@50 Instagram carousel by artist Gabriel Martinez

Fri, Oct 18, 2013, 6:30PM
ICA Birthday Party
Sat, Feb 15, 2014, 2PM
Seven Writers / 7 Sculptors (1965)
Wed, Mar 26, 2014, 6:30PM
Videoarte Brasil 1970s / Video Art (1975)
Sun, Aug 17, 2014, 2:29AM
ICA@50 Closing Party
"Exhibition funding has been provided by the Edna W. Andrade Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation and Toby D. Lewis.rnrnAdditional funding is provided by Nancy E. & Leonard M. Amoroso, Dorothy H. & Martin N. Bandier, Pamela Toub Berkman & David J. Berkman, Barbara Bertozzi Castelli, Wendy K. Fisher, Arthur M. Cohen & Daryl Otte, Marjorie Esterow Levine & Michael J. Levine, Amanda J. & Andrew Megibow, Lori W. & John R. Reinsberg, B. Z. & Michael H. Schwartz, David E. & Stephanie B. Simon, and Brett A. & Daniel S. Sundheim."