Jun 11–Jul 31, 1983

Investigations 4: Joyce Kozloff

Investigations 4: Joyce Kozloff, 1983, installation view, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania.

“Public art is a difficult arena. Many public artworks fulfill the art premise but exist somewhat awkwardly in the public domain. As uninvited, or even worse, unnoticed intruders, many public works might reside more appropriately in a studio or museum, where their elitist focus upon esthetic problem solving would not be resented by the undifferentiated public art audience. Joyce Kozloff’s projects for public spaces are notable exceptions. A painter of delightful and purposeful gifts, she is at the forefront of these artists working in the decorative or patterning mode. Since 1979 she has prepared proposals for eight public spaces. As part of the exhibition series INVESTIGATIONS, drawings, maquettes, photographs, and fragments representing these projects were presented, as well as a tile wall intended for the Washington train station.” — Janet Kardon

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