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Sep 15–Dec 5, 2010

Mineral Spirits: Anne Chu and Matthew Monahan


Mineral Spirits 2011

Mineral Spirits, 2011, installation view, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania.

Anne Chu and Matthew Monahan are known for uniquely individual bodies of work that mine forms ranging from antiquity to Buddhism, classicism to modernism, as well as the history of sculpture and drawing. By placing these two artists’ works side by side, this two-person exhibition of sculpture and drawing constructs a place to explore their distinctive take on the figure. Using combinative methods—for example, figures are often broken down and reassembled—Chu’s and Monahan’s sculptures look at once ancient and utterly contemporary. Though their work shares various sensibilities, the included art works are selected to exemplify the very distinct ways these two artists see and make the figure. Working with a range of materials, from aluminum to foam to paper, each addresses the figure as a fertile mode within which to explore abstraction, drawing, and craft.
Free For All: Contemporary TamalesBig Truck UnloadingWhat’s in the Box?Mineral Spirits 1

Mineral Spirits 1

Mineral Spirits 2

Mineral Spirits 2

Mineral Spirits 3

Mineral Spirits 3
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Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia