May 1–Aug 1, 2004

Yun-Fei Ji: The East Wind


Yun-Fei Ji: The East Wind

Yun-Fei Ji: The East Wind, 2004, installation view, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania.

Yun-Fei Ji uses traditional techniques of Chinese painting to confront much more contemporary issues in these large, scroll-like works on paper. The idea of the implicit, the veiled and the metaphorical have strong political resonance in China, where reading between the lines is its own form of art. Seductive ink and pigment-stained landscapes detail a turbulent history of China over the past hundred years. Mythological characters double for party apparatchiks and businessmen. The drawings contrast old and new China with their swirling lines, layered smudges, and sharp detail.

ICA acknowledges the generous support of the Buddy Taub Foundation. Additional funding has been provided by The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, The Dietrich Foundation Inc., the Overseers Board for the Institute of Contemporary Art, friends and members of ICA, and the University of Pennsylvania.