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Oct 17, 2013
Glue Test: Jason Rhoades Countdown, part II
It takes a while for the hot melt unit to warm up. It has to get to 350 degrees before the glue pellets (“little alien eggs,” Paul calls them) are liquid enough to shoot out through the hose. “I’m excited to see how much trajectory we get with a pump,” Paul says. Robert tests the…
Oct 17, 2013
A Place to Share Things: Wendy Yao Brings Ooga Booga to ICA
“Do you want to paint?” Luke asks. A woman in shorts takes a brush and dips it in a cup of ink, then gets busy at the back window where the shape of an open book has been taped out in blue. “Do you want to paint?” Luke asks a man coming up the steps…
Oct 17, 2013
Diamond Dust Ellipses: Field Kallop Installing
“This is my homemade pendulum,” Field Kallop says. “Two bottles pieced together with some epoxy and duct tape.” She measures out lengths, snips, then wraps tape around the middle of the plastic bottles like wide black belts. With a funnel she fills one with finely crushed glass—diamond dust—then attaches it to one of ten long…
Oct 17, 2013
Inhabiting Geometry
Paul and two guys from the crew are 35 feet up on the Genie lift, examining the first couple of loops of an airy helix. “I think it looks cool,” Paul says. “But I think he’s going to want it tighter.” He turns a switch and the Genie squeals, lowering them to the floor. Weeks…
Oct 17, 2013
Sheila Hicks: The most beautiful belly buttons
“The Swedes are known to have the most beautiful belly buttons,” Sheila Hicks says. It is a few days before her show, Sheila Hicks: 50 Years opens at ICA, and we are sitting on a bench in ICA’s lobby watching Enrico Martignoni, 35 feet up in the air on a Genie, hang Raining Baby Bands…
Oct 17, 2013
Open Bedroom: Jeremy Deller at ICA
Three days before the opening of Jeremy Deller: Joy in People, Jeremy himself is lying on his stomach on a single bed in ICA’s first floor gallery, scribbling on the wall with a Sharpie. “I’m a boy,” he writes. “US vs. UK.” “We’re gonna make you a star-ar-ar.” To one side of the bed, a…
Oct 17, 2013
Intern in Pursuit of Camel Saddles: Jason Rhoades Countdown, part III
The following emails were sent at ICA in recent weeks: Hi, Robert, Here’s the dust collector hose receipt. Also the images of the replacement towels from Acme Linen. Let me know if you like them and I’ll give them the go-ahead. Ella Hi Ella, Thanks. Please look for three or four copies of this dictionary…
Oct 17, 2013
Starsprout: Paul Swenbeck, Chief Preparator
Paul is telling me about the most beautiful thing he ever saw: a missile test over Los Angeles in 2002. A vapor rainbow stretched across the sky, making it look like the end of the world: iridescent, scary, beautiful. “The original thing,” Paul calls this experience. A minute ago I asked why he became a…
Oct 17, 2013
Blowing Smoke Rings: Rhoades Countdown, part IV (getting close!)
It’s Tuesday, and dozens of folding banquet tables are being arranged in ICA’s first floor gallery. A big circle of them rings the floor, with more stacked on top: right side up, upside down, you name it. One even angles down from the apex like a slide. “There’s a two on this table,” someone calls…