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Oct 17, 2013
Painters in a phone booth on a lonely road
So many people showed up at ICA’s Salon, Approaching Imagery, that we had to rearrange the chairs. It was a good kind of problem to have. The Salon, which was partly inspired by the presence of Charline von Heyl’s extraordinary paintings in ICA’s first-floor gallery, brought together three painters— Scott Olson, R.H. Quaytman, and Philadelphia’s…
Oct 17, 2013
The Programs That Were: Grace Ambrose Reflects on Programming at ICA
Here at ICA we’ve just said goodbye to Jeremy Deller’s Joy in People. When I walked through the doors on January 2nd, there were already boxes being packed. A few weeks before, we gave the blue hammock that sat on the mezzanine to Paul, our chief preparator. This morning I sent the last box of…
Oct 17, 2013
A Website By Other Means
“We’re trying to refine our color choices,” Phil says. “If something is timeless, we give it a black and white color scheme: the natural neutral. We’re using a black frame for things that are upcoming, to convey that it’s somewhat in the dark. If something is open now, we’re using a really saturated green.” From…
Oct 17, 2013
Checklist for the Prince of Pop
Here is a list of some of the items likely be on view in ICA’s upcoming show, That’s How We Escaped: Reflections on Warhol: An invitation to the preview party for Andy Warhol’s 1965 exhibition at ICA—his first solo museum show—printed on the back of a genuine Campbell’s soup label. Photographs of the crazy, legendary…
Oct 17, 2013
Not Just Papers: A Visit to the ICA Archive
High up in the Van Pelt library, a group of ICA curators sits expectantly around a table where several archive boxes are lined up. Pale and silent as ghosts, carefully labeled, reinforced with metal for durability, these boxes contain bits of ICA’s official records, but most of us have never seen them. They have existed…
Sep 1, 2013
“Hooverville Torqued Ellipse”: What’s In Stars
Abigail DeVille, whose “Hooverville Torqued Ellipse” went on view at ICA last week as part of the exhibition First Among Equals, is reading a book about black holes. It’s early, and she’s getting ready for the last day of installation. When I ask her if she’s interested in black holes for her art, she tells…