Spring at the ICA: A haiku and cake celebration

Miranda: Cake-being-cutA

Cake by Anna Cohen. Photo: J. Katz

The Tree of Knowledge

has many flowering branches.

Thank Eve. Thank the snake.


This lovely haiku was posted as a comment to the recent Miranda that celebrated ICA’s blog’s first birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent their birthday wishes in the various forms of poems, pastries, and pictures!

Please enjoy them, and add more in the comments section if you’re so inspired.
Miranda: Nerd-rope-snakesA

Nerd”s Rope from Kate Kraczon. Photo: J. Katz

Mira Miranda!

She sneaks up on little tweets,

and swallows them whole.

Miranda: 2-miceA

Miranda: 2-miceA

Marie Antoinette

She said let them eat snake cake

And off went her head


In the effort to

connect with our audience

in just a year’s time.


A new skin, but still.

Black and white, red all over

Miranda the snake.


And this from our wonderful designer, Thom Anthony, after I’d asked him for the tenth change in one morning for the new Miranda design:

let’s all endlessly

revise minutae until

my fingers fall off

That man needs a slice of virtual snake cake!

As do we all. Snake cake for everyone!
Miranda: poppy-seed-cakeA

Cake by Jenna Weiss. Photo: J. Katz

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