Artforum: “Louise Fishman discusses her life in art”

Fishman 8

Paper Louise Tiny Fishman Rock, 2016, installation view, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania. Photo: Constance Mensh.

In Artforum’s “500 Words” section, Louise Fishman talks to former ICA Communications Associate Becky Huff Hunter about her show Paper Louise Tiny Fishman Rock:

“Scale is as important to me as any other material is—the thickness of the stretchers, how far the painting sits from the wall, in addition to color and surface. It is a very interesting thing to go from a little painting to one that involves the whole body. A little painting is your eyes and your nose and a little bit of your hand; a great big horizontal painting involves walking. Once you’re beyond the reach of your hands, it’s less about the body than it is about moving in the studio. I found these tiny canvases in an art supply store in Berlin and thought, Oh my God—this is perfect; what an idea, to use canvases that are this tiny. At the ICA, we will decide how to install those paintings in the moment—the museum is set up for this kind of improvisation. It’s a good fit because my work is so erratic and it’s all rather unique but interconnected—the books, the little paintings, and sculptures.”

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