Begin Where You Are features work by ICA preparators and artist-alumni

Miranda: photo: Aaron Igler

Paul Swenbeck, Dor and Oranur, 2012, installation view, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery. Photo: Aaron Igler.

Opening this Thursday at the Icebox project space, Begin Where You Are brings together the work of thirty-two Philadelphian artists, including ICA Chief Preparator Paul Swenbeck, crew member Patrick Maguire, and ICA exhibiting artists Anthony Campuzano, Micah Danges, Virgil Marti, Eileen Neff, Shelley Spector, and Linda Yun.

The show’s curators say:

Begin Where You Are presents a broad range of artists living in Philadelphia, each with distinct modes of working, yet connected by an earnest vitality representative of the city itself. The integrity of each artist’s practice, combined with unique conversations across works throughout the show creates a complicated and contemplative dialogue. A renewed appreciation for the breadth and complexity of our common place is forged through these new relationships.

Co-curated by Timothy Belknap, Ryan McCartney, and former ICA staff member and artist Anna Neighbor.

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