Cultural comedians: on Easternsports

Alex Da Corte and Jayson Musson: Easternsports video still

Alex Da Corte & Jayson Musson: Easternsports, 2014, video still, color, sound.

You may known Jayson Musson best for being a key member of Philly hip-hop group Plastic Little or maybe as his art alter-ego Hennessy Youngman. But as himself, he is a cultural comedian who manages to basically ‘kill it’ in almost anything he does. Whether it’s a Coogi-sweatered canvas show or his notes of wisdom on my Twitter timeline:
Tweet by Jayson Musson (2014)

Tweet by Jayson Musson (2014)

Musson teamed up with visual art extravagant Alex Da Corte, both Philly-bred creatives, for the Institute of Contemporary Art’s latest exhibition, Easternsports.

—Gabrielle Bonghi,

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Alex Da Corte and Jayson Musson: Easternsports