ICA Annual Appeal—last chance to double the impact of your gift!

Jordan Deal and Jacob Lunderby in the shop, 2014.

(l–r) Jordan Deal and Jacob Lunderby in the ICA workshop.

“I was surprised to learn so many museum staff are artists, or have creative backgrounds. Ready for an adventure and wanting to get the most out of my internship at ICA this summer, I made my way to meet some of the team of preparators and learn more about what they do.”

—Jordan Deal, teen marketing intern

“ICA afforded me such unique opportunities to interact with the dynamic contemporary art world. It enriched my Penn experience, and ultimately informed my career choice.”

—Emily Kaplan (C’10), Associate Specialist at Sotheby’s

“I’ve been a member of ICA’s Student Advisory Board since my sophomore year at Penn, but, until this summer, I still saw ICA as a visitor. Under Robert’s patient guidance, I navigated ICA’s inner workings in a way that always felt meaningful.”

—Heather Holmes (C’15), curatorial intern

As part of the University of Pennsylvania, ICA is in a unique position to partner with students in their academic and professional pursuits. Through a student advisory board, internships, work-study positions, undergraduate courses, and graduate lecture series, ICA offers rigorous training and instruction in the many facets of running a cutting-edge contemporary arts institution and provides a space for students to engage with the art of our time.

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