@ICAPhiladelphia: an ICA@50 Instagram carousel by artist Micah Danges

Micah Danges, portrait b/w 2014

Micah Danges

Micah Danges is one of five Philadelphia artists to take over ICA’s Instagram during the museum’s 50th anniversary year. From March 12–21, he responded to past ICA exhibitions, publications, and artists that affected—or “floored”—him, with carefully constructed pictures, video clips, and personal imagery. As in much of his recent work, photography is a starting point and a platform for new compositions, born of deconstructed elements. The resulting works focus on color, texture, and material.

Amongst his @ICAPhiladelphia offerings, Danges shares an intensely worked graphite inscription of names—Hana, Tina, Lauren, Lucy—which reminds him of Anthony Campuzano’s drawings; an altered page from the 1974 Paul Thek/Processions catalog, in which Danges’s black-and-white collage recalls Thek’s crumpled newsprint installations; and a haunting video tribute to the late Terry Adkins.
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To view Danges’s whole project via Instagram, start here and click the left hand arrow to see more images.

Danges has been a photography technician within the fine arts department at the University of Pennsylvania since 2007 and has also taught photography at the University of California at Berkeley. He has exhibited most recently at the Print Center, Fleisher Art Memorial, Rebekah Templeton Gallery, Vox Populi, Philadelphia Photo Art Center, Fleisher Ollman Gallery, and Nudashank. He regularly contributes to Megawords Magazine and is included in the current issue of New American Painters.

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