Interview Magazine: “Louise Fishman’s Abstract Activism”

Louise Fishman, Interview Magazine

Louise Fishman by Christian Högstedt for Interview Magazine

William J. Simmons interviews Louise Fishman for Interview magazine shortly after the opening of Paper Louise Tiny Fishman Rock at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Simmons writes:

So although [Fishman’s] characteristically large, abstract paintings do not point explicitly to politics, they are not mute. Rather, her artworks prompt us to think about the activist or political implications of abstraction, a medium largely considered apolitical; on her explosive, vibrating canvases we can almost see the roots of revolution.

Fishman is currently the subject of two large exhibitions: Louise Fishman: A Retrospectiveat the Neuberger Museum of Art acts as the 77-year-old’s first comprehensive show, while Paper Louise Tiny Fishman Rockat the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia displays an entirely different body of work, focusing on sketchbooks, smaller paintings and sculptures, and other rarely-seen items.

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