Louise Fishman: “Subverting the Patriarchy with 2-inch Paintings” in ArtSlant

Louise Fishman, ArtSlant

Paper Louise Tiny Fishman Rock, 2016, installation view. Photo: Constance Mensh.

Olivia B. Murphy interviews Louise Fishman about her body of work and the opening of her exhibition Paper Louise Tiny Fishman Rock at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

This concise exhibition offers a glimpse into the important legacy Louise Fishman has built both as an artist and an activist, touching on themes of her own queer and Jewish identity, along with her diligent persistence in breaking out from the patriarchal canon to create work that is truly, markedly, and radically her own.

“‘Tiny’ has never limited me. Nor has using every resource at hand to make objectspaintings, sculpture, books, etc. If anything, the ideas about scale have helped me expand my understanding of the mark, color, the rectangle (or lack of one), whatever notions I had about art-making. Nothing like opening all the doors that come forward, so to speak.”

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