Mondays with Milford

Photo by: George Etheredge

Bi-weekly screenings of rare digital footage from Milford Graves’s archives will be shown throughout the run of the exhibition, along with additional video selections and dialogues that contextualize Graves’s practice. The themes and dates for each digital release are listed below.

Screenings begin at 6PM EST and will remain online until the next program begins. All programs will be conducted virtually.

This program series is co-presented by Ars Nova Workshop.

Screening Schedule

September 28 – Introduction Part 1: Speaking in Tongues

October 12 – Introduction Part 2: Festac ’77

October 26 – Research and Investigation: Heart Music

November 9 – In Performance Part 1: Collaborative Projects

November 23 – In Performance Part 2: Solo Work

December 7 – Encounters in Japan: Min Tanaka

December 21 – The Botanist: Graves in the Garden

January 4 – The Griot: Performative Lectures

January 18 – Yara Martial Arts Movements: Healing Arts

Now Screening

In Performance (Part II):

Milford Graves “In Performance” provides a glimpse into the artist’s prolific career in experimental instrumentation. The program offers an eclectic mix of footage consisting of individual performances and collaborative projects that Graves initiated over the years. Part 2 of the series highlights his solo work.

Fukushima in Jazz Vol 42: Milford Graves, Mototeru Takagi, Toshisabulo Toyozumi, Kazutoki Umezu, and Toshinori Kondo (1977)
Private VHS tape
Runtime: 1:44:04

V. Bey Tape 2: Milford Graves Solo (date unknown)
Private VHS tape
Runtime: 21:20

International Film Festival Rotterdam concert in the Netherlands (2018)
Digital video, color, sound
Runtime: 24:43
Courtesy of Jef Mertens Taping Policies